And Cue the Jock Jams


Here’s why…

So I’m going to be having a pretty busy year, fitness-wise: my upcoming schedule includes a Tough Mudder in July, a half marathon in September, and introducing for the first time ever

*drumroll please*

A FULL. Twentysixpointtwomile. MARATHON in November.

What even is life at this point, amiright? I might actually be crazy…


I’m pretty excited about each of these events individually, but when I get to thinking about all of them at once, and really how close they are to each other, I start sweating a little bit. Or a lot… That said, much of my spare time is taken up by researching different marathon and obstacle run training programs, and trying to figure out my own. Oh yeah, and actually training, I’ve been doing that, too.

Since the Tough Mudder is coming up the soonest- about 20 weeks out- much of my focus has been on that, although I AM doing some preliminary half-marathon training as well. This is entailing a LOT more cross training and strength training than I’m used to; we’re talking three times per week versus once a week during my straight-laced half marathon training. Because of this, it’s been quite a bit of a trial-and-error process in figuring out how to best pair this with the running portion of my training. I don’t want to burn out and risk injury, but I also want to make sure I’m improving at a pretty regular pace. Basically, I’m continuously asking myself, “How do I increase my reps, weight, mileage, etc while giving my body enough rest time?” Taylor and I are doing this part of training together, and it’s been great and quite interesting, actually. He is basically the opposite of me: as a weight lifter (primarily powerlifting, to be specific), he is not as geared toward the cardio portion of this. So we are tweaking our training days to be beneficial for both of us. He pushes me to bust out a couple more dips and I encourage him to push for the last 1/10 of a mile on our run back to the house.

Yes, the Tough Mudder is almost entirely obstacles, but it’s still 10-12 miles long, therefore I have been slowly increasing my weekly mileage since January. I knew going into this, that by the time July hits, I’ll need to also be in full-force half marathon training along with pairing that into the beginning stages of my marathon training. I definitely don’t want to abruptly start ALL that running at the same time, hence my near 9-month training leading up to the grand finale. Once the Tough Mudder is completed and we have our finisher beers and headbands, I’ll be able to put much more focus on running (of course with an intermittent cross-training day to avoid injury). That point in time will come with a whole new shift in training-not that I’m worried about it, I’m just…..unsure of what to expect.

With two 1/2’s under my belt, I’ve had the opportunity to tweak my training plans and figure out what works best for me (right at 16 weeks long, and a “taper” period just doesn’t do it for me). I really liked how my race went last fall, so I plan on sticking to something similar. The trick is really going to be, how do I fit THIS into my marathon training? I really have no clue what sort of training for that distance will work for me. When and how often should I run hills? What days should I cross-train or rest? What about speed work? Should I really only top out at only 20 miles before race day? Did I really sign up for this?


I’m not panicking about it by any means, but I’m not going to take it lightly either. Running over 25 miles isn’t really something I’d like to go into blind and screw it up. Plus, I already paid for it and it’s non-refundable…

On another note…..FOOD. Oh lordy, and don’t even get me started on the nutritional aspect of all this nonsense. It’s just as important as the training itself-I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in my appetite even just adding in our Tough Mudder training days to my running- I can only imagine how it’ll be once I’m consistently running 10-12 miles…


This essentially needs a training plan in itself, so please excuse me while I go purchase stock in sweet potatoes and brown rice…I already anticipate a learning curve with my nutrition that will come with all of this, so I apologize in advance for things I’ll say out of hanger. I swear I won’t mean any of it.


And along with running, and strength training, and cross training, I canNOT forget about my yoga practice along the way. Not only is it important to me mentally and emotionally, it is VERY important physically. My runs don’t just end when I stop my watch; taking the time to cool down and stretch out is pretty vital. Again, my main goal with these events and my training leading up to them, is to take care of my body and not push it too far. It’s all about balance:

Balancing being a yogi, a runner, and a (soon-to-be) Tough Mudder.


As Squatrack Shenanigans can attest to, being an athlete in two different sports can be both undeniably rewarding and just plain sucky at times. But you don’t do it because it’s easy: it’s not going to BE easy. That’s the rewarding part about it all.

So will I be pretty thankful when November 13th rolls around and EVERYTHING is finished?

Yup. Yup. Yuppers.

Will I work my damnedest every single day until that point?

You betchya.


Live Life Uncharted (and hungry)


It’s Time Somebody Said It…

I had this entirely different post planned for this week. And it’s turning out to be quite lovely. But something has just really been eating at me for a couple days now. Everyone here in this country (and the rest of the world, really) is WELL aware of the unrest going around; you can see it, hear it, read about it, and even feel it everywhere. You can’t sign onto the internet or turn the news on or even go to the store without hearing “Trump”, “Democrats”, “Republicans”, “Planned Parenthood”, “Pipelines”, or any other related phrases.

It was destined to happen, as it always does with any newly elected official, but this time seems VERY different.

People that I’ve known and loved for a LONG time, people who are caring and kind, have turned against neighbors and friends-disapproving of their opinions, turning a blind eye to what they have to say, and even insulting their intelligence. When I scrolled through my Facebook today, I don’t think I saw a SINGLE kind post.

Not. A. One.

If it wasn’t somebody calling someone out about being anti/pro Women’s March, it was someone else shoving their “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude down another’s throat.

And yes, freedom of speech, yadayadayada….don’t give me that. This is scary. As an educated adult, I am growing VERY concerned about the state of this country and its citizens. If you don’t agree, then that’s fine: that’s your viewpoint, I’m not here on a political soapbox screaming my ideologies at you. That’s not exactly what I do; although I DO have my views on all of the above issues. And, just like 99.99% of the rest of Americans, I would say I’m not as educated as I should be about them.

But what I WILL say is something that most people today SHOULD hear:

Being a decent human being does not correspond with your political affiliation. It does not correspond with whether or not you are a man, woman, or otherwise who may (or may not) feel oppressed in SOME way. It does not depend on you being RIGHT. Being a decent human being corresponds with YOU being a decent human being.

And to be frank, I’m not seeing too many decent human beings, from ALL political parties, races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions.

So take a step back before you share that next “news” article you find that “shares” your beliefs.

Please, for the sake of this country’s future, at least TRY to be decent human beings.

Onward to 2017

So 2016 is at a close. I feel like it was literally yesterday I was writing about the up-and-coming year that was to be 2016. And now here we are… One year later.

To be blunt, I had a busy year: between getting married, buying our first house, and finishing school it’s no wonder that these 365 days passed by in a flash.

I’ve said and done stupid things.

I’ve said and done some pretty awesome things, too.

I’ve had completely new experiences almost from the beginning of the year, which resulted in a lot of personal growth and self-reflection.

So how about a quick recap, yeah?

My yoga practice in 2016

It really didn’t progress as much as I had wanted it to, to be perfectly honest. I had high hopes as far as my handstand practice, and practice in general, went but I just didn’t quite get there in my eyes. Looking back, I just let my daily practice waiver a bit to the back burner.

My running in 2016

I had quite the opposite feeling in regards to my running this past year; I feel like I really improved as a runner bother physically and mentally. I not only ran my second half marathon, but I PR’d it (by kind of a lot). In training for that race, I also ran the farthest distance I’ve ever run before (14 miles). I also finished 1st in my age division in another race (a 5K), thus resulting in  my first non-participation medal. I learned to power through hitting that wall, and learned that mental toughness is more important than physical toughness. Waking up at 5:00 in the morning to run 8-9 miles before work. Setting a goal and achieving it.

Life in general in 2016

I used part of this year to reflect on myself: my actions, thoughts, and opinions. I discovered that focusing on myself was an invaluable use of my time. I’ve learned to take a step back before passing judgement or forming an ill-educated opinion. 2016 has proven to be a true journey in all aspects of myself.

Last year, I had a pretty lengthy list of resolutions-like I said, I had pretty high hopes for myself. I only accomplished 1 of those goals. “ONLY”…as if that’s a bad thing. When I realized that the end of the year was rapidly approaching, I said “Well crap…look at everything I didn’t do.” And then I immediately said, “But I did accomplish one of those things. I stuck to it and DID IT.”

And I’m proud. Damn proud.

It wouldn’t matter if I fulfilled 1 or 100 resolutions- I’d still feel just as good about myself. I did decide, though, to really cut back on my goals for 2017. I’m excited to really put all my energy and focus into a few select things, rather than struggle to complete many. Let’s be real, I’m not exactly doing all of this for anybody else, ya know?

So what am I looking forward to? 2017 is already looking to be a pretty awesome year: new career prospects, new hobbies to pursue, and a whole new outlook on life.

Well…maybe not entirely new, but definitely a new perspective from 2016’s lessons learned.

Live Life, and 2017, Uncharted


Vicki vs. The Half Marathon: Round 2


Almost 2 months ago, I went head-to-head with my second half marathon. And I’ll tell you what: this year was MUCH different than last year. If you remember, I didn’t exactly have the grandest of days last time around. Last year, in the days leading up to the race, the half marathon was CONSTANTLY on my mind. Am I drinking enough water? HOW many hours until the start gun goes off? When is packet pick-up again? Am I drinking enough water? My stomach was in knots and I was shaking just picking up  my race packet the night before. I’ll spare you all those sad details again. But this year, I actually lost track of time and race day kind of snuck up on me. I was calm but excited. I felt good about my water intake and my food choices. But most of all, I felt READY the day before. The morning of continued this trend; I woke up early, ready and awake, and we left on time. Luckily, we were able to find a parking spot just as easily as last year (though it helps to have a clown car that you can park literally anywhere…). Arrived with 10 minutes to spare, got out the final jitters and headed into the start corral. Also much like last year, I forgot to start my watch until the start gun went off-but since I was toward the back of the pack, it very fortunately had enough time to find a GPS signal before I crossed the starting line. WHEW.

Now, I had a pretty epic surprise within the first 1/2 mile that gave me a huge push early on. Minding my own business, I’m running along and just happen to look to my left, and not 6 feet away from me were my Uncle Bo and Aunt Jody from up in Wisconsin. It took me doing a triple take to fully realize it was them, and I was SO excited! They said they wanted to surprise me at the finish line, but what better surprise than DURING the race!


1.5 miles in

Now as far as the actual race, I remember thinking that each mile was passing very quickly-whereas last time, each mile dragged on and on and on and on. I actively remembered to re-fuel with my trusty craisins mid-run, and also kept my water consumption in check during the race. By mile 7, I could feel myself starting to wear down but I was still in good spirits. Sure, I walked more than I ideally wanted to, but each time I did, I saw it as a minute or two of recovery rather than a minute of defeat like last year. Plus, whenever I felt myself getting tired, I thought of my family waiting for me at the finish, and how they drove all the way down here for little old me. Before I knew it, I was passing the 10-mile sign. After a minor- but brief- panic attack that I missed my turn to stay on the half marathon route, I realized I only had a 5K left to go. Still tired, but I realied that I was still WELL ahead of my pace from last year, and that was the push I needed. And then, out of nowhere, was the 12th mile marker. With about 3/4 of a mile to go I called Taylor (who was waiting so patiently at the finish line), tuned on Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”, and pounded forward. With about a tenth of a mile to go, I took out my earbuds so I could really hear the crowd and all the spectators as I neared the finish. Lo and behold, Bo and Jody were front and center as I came to the last turn, with a bright, sparkly, beautiful sign and all! Good thing I was wearing sunglasses (again), because I definitely had tears in my eyes (again).


Taylor always makes sure to get a picture of me nearing the finish. 🙂

All of those people, the music, the carrying on, it’s truly exhilarating. It’s a really hard thing to describe but I’ll give it my best shot: runner’s high is a very real thing-not in the middle of a run like most people think- but rather when you’ve accomplished a run you weren’t sure you could. The sense of pride mixed with exhaustion as you get closer to the finish line. Getting your hand ready to stop your watch the moment you cross and knowing that you’ll be DONE. THAT was all the same as last year; but this year as I finished the race, I felt ecstatic out of a sense of accomplishment rather than out of pure relief that it was over.
Post race this year had similarities and differences as well. The typical never ending hunger and fatigue set in pretty quickly. But unlike last year, I was back out running 2 days later. It was under 3 miles, but the fact that I already wanted to get back out there really made me happy. I’ve already run a 5k since, and have more races in the works—potentially a BIG one next fall……hmmm.rolly

When I signed up for the same race that I despised last year, I decided that I was going to set myself up for success. I planned my training very carefully and stuck to it, aside from a handful of days that didn’t go my way. But I kept a clear head and accomplished what I set out to do. I can’t think of a time I was more proud of myself: going from vowing I’ll never do it again, to hating the idea of another half, to signing up for a second one 9 months before, to really RUN it, and then to be sitting here planning on doing it all over again.

And to top it all off? I beat my half marathon time from last year by 15 minutes.


They are SERIOUSLY the best!!

Now, go Live-and run- Uncharted!


Treat Yo’Self



Not really great self-descriptive phrases, are they? I was those very things. Before.

If you follow any of my other social media, you know I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a little while now. I received a figurative slap in the face about the fact that I was becoming someone I didn’t like so much. Someone who WAS judgmental, comparing my life to others’, and looking at situations from a very one-sided point of view. How very UN-yogic.



So after not much deliberation, I decided what had to change: I had to focus on myself.


Not that social media is/was a bad thing; it’s actually very handy! But I was simply focusing on others’ lives and spending too much time in front of a screen. You’d think that having a job where I sit in front of a computer would be enough for a day…but alas. So I decided to read more, write more, SEE my life more without the aid of a smartphone camera. I wanted, nay- NEEDED, to have a life outside of a keyboard, away from “likes”, and “friends”, and “comments”, and “followers”.

Let’s be honest, how many people REALLY care about the same 5 pictures of the dogs that I can post? (My sincerest thanks if you DO). I essentially needed to distance myself from the false reality that the internet is. And you know what? It’s been really great. And I don’t necessarily mean logging off of Facebook for 3 months. I mean ACTIVELY taking time to focus on myself-THAT’S been the really great part.

I’ve been more productive than ever but more at ease at the same time. Something can really be said about focusing your energy inward; to really just “be” in this world without having to BE someone or something.

So here’s the lesson I’ve taught myself: TREAT YO’SELF. Treat yourself to LIFE: to living your life; living without comparing yourself to others; live without thinking about what someone else might think of you. It really doesn’t matter in the end, anyways. Life is far too short and fast. As long as you feel happy and you’re taking care of YOU-you know, staying within the confines of the law…THAT’S what matters.

Treat yourself to learning a new hobby or honing in a current one. Treat yourself to a really good book, or a long walk in the woods. Treat yourself to planning out your week and feeling accomplished when you finish your to-do list. Treat yourself to just having a calm mind and a sense of peace.

So to wrap up this probably unnecessary post (because again, who REALLY cares?), I’m back, but with a better mindset, and more appreciation for my life’s bigger picture.

Tabletop Variation

Average Joe-ga: So You Want to Stand on Your Head?

Well, that’s a toughie….also, extremely advanced.
So, here’s Average Joe-ga to the rescue with SUPPORTED headstand! This has rapidly become a favorite inversion of mine, and to think that at one point I was SO uncomfortable with even the THOUGHT of being upside down.
That said, this doesn’t seem very “beginner”, does it? Believe me, I’ve spent some time figuring out exactly how to break this beast down. Remember, EVERY pose has its beginning novice stages; you eat an elephant one bite at a time, right?
Now, down to business. I’ve decided to make this particular Joe-ga a multi-post series, since I want to be certain that I cover all the important aspects of this posture, since it IS more advanced and has more details going into it than say…..Savasana.
Once you break Supported Headstand down and take it in little wee baby steps, it’s not so scary! As with any yoga pose, this DOES require repetition and patience; how else will you gain the strength you need?
Ah yes. Strength. Physical strength. Just a li’l bit, ya know? Mainly, arms, shoulders, and core. *YES. Core strength. For a headstand. WACKY I KNOW*.

We’re not going “up” yet, so don’t get freaked out. We need to start with your foundation

Double up your mat, if you’re using one. At least for me, doing this allows me to put pressure on my elbows for a longer period of time. We’re going to start with Dolphin Pose, and in order to do a proper Supported Headstand, you need to be able to perform a proper Dolphin Pose. This puts the “support” in Supported Headstand.

Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose

For this to work properly, you need to have your elbows in line with your shoulders-this gives you the most stability while also preventing shoulder/neck injury. But how?

To describe this in the best possible way, it goes a little like this: get down in tabletop position (hands and knees), go down on your forearms, grasp opposite elbows in opposite hands like so. THIS is how far apart your elbows should be in Supported Headstand (or really any other forearm stand). wp-1464533637890.jpgOnce you figure out your elbow placement and feel relatively comfortable in Dolphin Pose, lean forward. Feed weird? I’m sure it does; this action stacks (or begins to stack) your hips over your shoulders.  THIS is what creates nice, straight, tall headstands that dreams are made of.

Lean forward, stack hips over shoulders, VOILA!

Lean forward, stack hips over shoulders, VOILA!

Now, onto the head support of the headstand! Along with shoulder/elbow placement, the placement of your hands on your head also give support to your neck to prevent injury (because neck injuries are not something to take lightly). In Supported Headstand, your hands aren’t on the TOP of your head, so much as on the BACK of your head-think yamaka-esque. In all reality, your head isn’t baring much weight at all-your FOREARMS are. Hopefully while you’ve been reading this, you’ve been practicing your Dolphin Pose over and over again. Elbows in line with shoulders-check? Yamaka on-check?wp-1464534852537.jpg Okay, now, Combine these with your Dolphin lean….over and over and over again. Again, you’re building up that necessary strength and just flat-out getting used to being upside down.



You’ve done enough work today, young grasshopper.


A Serious Throwback Thursday



It’s been 2 whole years since I’ve started this whole blogging adventure.

And it’s been awesome. There’s something so therapeutic about writing and putting myself out there for the world to see. Above that even, it’s really incredible the feedback I receive from those of you who take the time to read this. A huge thank you for continuing to motivate me to keep Yoga Uncharted a “thing”.

Also, an especially grand thanks to each and every person who has requested I post about something or given me suggestions if I had writer’s block. This whole blog is about my life, and I can’t have a post without mentioning my gratitude to everyone who’s kept me going.

Friends, family, people on the street, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Whether you’ve been with me since the very first post, offered advice, or just stared blankly as I rambled on to you about this space.


This journey has been great, incredible even, and it’s looking to become even better soon. Which I’ll fill you in on, promise.

But with that said, here’s a look back across my yogic journey

What an incredible journey it’s been thus far, and I don’t plan for it to stop any time soon. I have big plans for the future, and I hope that all of you who have been along for the ride with me so far continue to stay on board.

Live this BEAUTIFUL, crazy, wonderful, worthwhile life….UNCHARTED.


Stress Less: The Wedding Edition!

So, if you know me personally, you know that I got married just shy of a month ago! And if you don’t know me personally, I’m surprised you don’t know it already, since I was basically shouting it from the rooftops.


And let me just say, from the MOMENT we got engaged, I decided I wanted to have our wedding day be as stress-free as possible. To save you all the lengthy details, here it is: no matter HOW much planning you put into a wedding/party/whatever event, it WILL cause some level of stress the day of. Plain and simple. Everything actually WAS going according to plan and schedule, and I STILL had a minor freakout in front of my mom; this was literally the biggest day of my life thus far.

But it could have been a lot worse. I made sure to take some steps early on in the day to combat any potential extra stressors. Remember back in 2104 when I discussed tackling stress during the holiday season? In hindsight there are a LOT of similarities between dealing with these 2 stressful situations: you’re trying to plan, and remember, a lot of “things” at the same time, chances are you’re dealing with a significant number of people, and you have to figure out what people are eating during both situations. However, instead of everything being spread out over a month or so, wedding stress comes on ONE DAY. In one, big dose.

Not to say I didn’t love my wedding. I truly, honestly did, and it was all perfect.

While I’m at it, let me make one more thing clear: actually getting married was not the stressful part; making sure everything went according to plan was. All of these tiny (and not so tiny) details I’d been arranging for over a year were finally about to fall into place.

That morning, I woke up at about 4:30. WIDE. AWAKE. Out of nowhere. From that second, I knew that it was basically useless to try to go back to sleep, so naturally I tried to anyways. Eventually, I moseyed my way out of bed, got some tea brewing, and threw on some leggings. I conjured up a quick playlist for myself including: Bruno Mars, Andy Grammar, and Glee, and set out to practice!

Bird of Paradise

No, I didn’t have a set complete practice in mind, I just went with the “flow” (puns). I made sure to strongly focus on mirroring my breath to my flow, as almost a form of meditation. It certainly wasn’t my longest practice (only about 20 minutes), but it was definitely enough to get my head in the right place to start my day. And still, the entire day was a blur anyways. A crazy, organza-filled blur. But starting my day out the right way really just got me ready and raring to go.

That said, here are a couple bits of advice if you have a big day coming up:

  • Take a step back for just yourself

  • Even if you don’t do yoga, breathe for a minute, and just try not to think about the day ahead.

  • You can’t control how the day goes, and even if you lose your cool for 5 minutes, take it all in. Realize that no matter how crazy or long or stressful or WHATEVER the day is, it’s still only 24 hours long.

And hey, no matter the level of crazy your day is, it always ends wonderfully 🙂

Mr. and Mrs. Cherry!


You’ve got this.


Throwback Thursday: Short & Sweet

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a #tbt post, and my ever-lovely Timehop app actually led me to this one!

Lifted Lotus, also known as Scale Pose.

It’s a pose that basically everyone has done, typically before age 10. It’s quirky, it’s fun, what’s not to love? Well, your hips don’t love it once they grow up and realize that life takes its toll on them….

However, lotus is actually WONDERFUL for stretching and opening the hips, even though when you start, it feels like you’re dying. Really… But once you get there, you’re set!

Then comes the lift.

This really has very little to do with upper body strength, and much more to do with core strength. I know I know….core strength AGAIN. Sheesh! If you’re inclined to try this pose, you’ll quickly realize that trying to muscle your way up off the ground won’t actually get you very far; you have to actively use your abs, and a wee bit of shoulders I’ll admit, to get dat booty up!

See how I’m a little more hunched forward in the recent picture? Yup, because I’m able to get my butt higher off the ground (using my core), my torso is naturally leaning forward to compensate. Whereas in 2013, the struggle was real for me to stay up long enough to snap a photo.


Funny how 3 years can make a substantial, but seemingly-minute difference, eh?

I have more fun posts planned in the near future, and I’m excited to fill you all in on my thoughts and adventures as of late!

Live Life Uncharted!


Average Joe-ga: Cat/Cow

Forgot cats and dogs! It’s raining cats and COWS up in here!

It’s actually not even raining period here, so, whatever.

Today’s installment of Average Joe-ga is a lovely yoga pose duo known as “Cat-Cow”. These two poses are typically done together, as they are opposites and compliment each other, but nothing is really stopping you from just attempting one of them singularly. These poses are excellent for warming up the spine for more advanced/deeper backbending poses, stretching out the abs and the rest of the front body, and can either wake up the body or prepare you for sleep, depending on how you take them on.

So let’s get down to it, shall we?

Both postures are based around a table-top position, or on hands and knees, making them relatively easy, level-wise.

Table Top

Hands underneath shoulders, knees underneath hips. Correct placement of your hands will help alleviate wrist pain, BUT if you do have sensitive wrists, it CAN feel better to place your fists on the mat, rather than your palms. As with any posture, be mindful of your stance on the ground: what I mean, is don’t simply just stand there, but rather, realize the earth is there to support you and draw your energy up from it. Does that sound super hippie-ish? Because it felt that way just writing it… Here’s another way to put it: when in table-top position, don’t just allow yourself to spill your guts toward the earth. That’s just lazy. Instead, push AWAY from your mat with your hands and legs; this allows you to build strength in seemingly simple postures. So starting here, you can dive right into either of the poses, but I personally usually begin with Cow. If you want to get all crazy and start with Cat, be my guest. You do you.


Cow Pose

On an inhale, bring your tailbone up while simultaneously bringing your chest forward. I have it slightly exaggerated in my photo, just to show what I’m doing a little bit better. You can stretch as much or as little feels right, while still keeping good form.


Cat Pose

Remember how I said these two were opposites? Well, here we go! On an exhale, drop your chest and tailbone, and arch your back toward the sky (hence……cat). If your neck likes it, tuck your chin to your chest as well; this will give you a REALLY nice stretch through the entire spine. Yum.

Rinse and repeat.

And remember how I said this mini-sequence can be both calming and invigorating? Seems odd, yeah?

Because of it’s repetitive nature and alignment with breathing, it has many meditative sort of qualities-making it perfect for bedtime. If you need a pick-me-up in the morning, however, speeding up the sequence and throwing in some spine/hip circles really awakens your muscles! It’s really just a great little sequence if you’re feeling stiff or creaky in your joints.

As always, proceed with caution whenever necessary!

Live Life Uncharted